Kaihua Mould’s 2021 “Digital Management Improvement” Mobilization Meeting and “Strategic Target Military Order” Oath Conference was grandly held

On March 2-3, 2021, Kaihua Mould “Digital Management Improvement” Mobilization Meeting and the “Strategic Target Military Order” oath meeting was held in Huangyan Headquarters and Sanmen Factory. More than 1,000 employees attended the meeting.

“Digital Management Improvement” Mobilization Meeting
At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Liang Zhenghua shared with you:
In 2020, the various departments of the two factories in Huangyan Sanmen will focus on the guiding ideology of “high quality, high efficiency, and short cycle”, which will take effect in each successful project, and will shine with honorary awards.
Orders in 2020 increased by 40.37% year-on-year
2020 output value increased by 13.77% year-on-year
A total of 668 KMS improvement cases
A total of 1184 KMVE improvement cases

2021 is Kaihua’s digital management improvement year. All departments must focus on high-quality development, comprehensively improve the digital management of the enterprise, and complete the indicators for 2021, and achieve the following five requirements:
1. Must insist on quality first
2. It must be customer-centric and provide customers with systematic solutions
3. The company’s costs and expenses must be reduced
4. Standardization must be adhered to
5. It is necessary to improve the level of informatization and accelerate the development of digitalization



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At this conference, the company commended the outstanding collectives and outstanding employees selected by various departments in 2020. A total of 5 collective awards and 11 individual awards were awarded, and a total of 54 employees took the stage to receive the awards.

The second agenda of this conference is the issuance of the “strategic target military order” oath meeting.

The executive vice president of the company and the managers of each department took the oath and signed military orders one by one, and then Chairman Liang Zhenghua awarded the flags to each department.

The drum of war has sounded, and the military order has been laid. The military order is the goal, but also the promise. All employees will uncompromisingly carry the responsibility on their shoulders and implement them into actions, so that words must be deeds and deeds must be resolute!




Issuing the “Strategic Objective Military Order” Oath Conference
The winter is over, the galaxy is bright
Thank you Kaihua family
In 2020, we will be in the same boat, hand in hand
We will continue in 2021
Don’t forget the original intention and move forward courageously

Post time: Mar-20-2021