Injection Mold

  • Automobile instrument panel mould

    Automobile instrument panel mould

    The most important part of the automobile mold is the cover mold. This type of die is mainly a cold die. In a broad sense, “automobile mold” is the general term for the molds used to manufacture all parts of automobiles. For example, stamping molds, injection molds, forging molds, casting wax molds, glass molds, etc. The stamping parts on the car body are roughly divided into cover parts, beam parts and general stamping parts. The stamping parts that can clearly express the char...
  • Car rear wheel mould

    Car rear wheel mould

    Automotive division annually make about 1200 moulds on average, especially good at large and medium-sized interior mold, classic case such as foaming dashboard mould for ford, Volkswagen, Benz, the Great Wall and stc., stack mould of door panel for audi, gas-assisted door panel mould, highlights non-mark grille mould, low-pressure molding column mould for jaguar Sanmen base covers an area of 36,000 square meters with over 350 employees, and produces over 600 sets of molds annually. It is sp...
  • Car door mould
  • Car bumper mould

    Car bumper mould

    The front and rear ends of the car are equipped with bumpers, which not only have decorative functions, but more importantly, they are safety devices that absorb and alleviate external impacts, protect the body and protect the body and the occupants. The front and rear bumpers of the car are mainly made of metal materials. The U-shaped channel steel is stamped from steel plates with a thickness of more than 3 mm, and the surface is chrome-plated. It is riveted or welded with the frame rails, ...
  • Logistics Division

    Logistics Division

  • Automotive Division

    Automotive Division

    ●Exterior System
    ●Interior System
    ●Cooling System
  • Home Appliance Division

    Home Appliance Division

    Home appliance division has an annual production capacity of 200-400 sets moulds. Most of the molds are made fro regrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and garden tools etc. We succeed to bring advanced forming yechnologies like Mucell injection into the moulds to benefit our customers.
  • MRI


    Anybody who has ever had an MRI scan knows one fact of life quite well: It amounts to a very close encounter with lots and lots of plastic. An MRI system uses the widest variety of this material on many other places as well.