Notice of The Spring Festival

Kaihua Mould 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Arrangement :
Sanmen Factory&Huangyan Factory: Jan. 19th ~ Jan. 28 th
Shanghai Branch &Ningbo Branch: Jan. 19~Jan. 27
Kaihua Mould wishes you and your family a happy Chinese New Year!
Culture Introduction:
Chinese New Year, commonly known as “New Year”, is a folk festival that integrates the removal of the old and the new, worship of gods and ancestors, prayers for blessings and protection against evil spirits, family and friends reunion, celebration, and entertainment, and food.
The Spring Festival has a long history and its origin contains profound cultural connotations, carrying a rich historical and cultural heritage in its inheritance and development.
During the Spring Festival, various activities are held throughout the country to celebrate the New Year, with strong local characteristics.
There are lion dances, floating colors, dragon dances, gods, temple fairs, flower streets, lanterns, gongs and drums, banners, fireworks, praying for blessings, guanxi, stilt walking, running dry boats, twisting rice-songs, and so on.
During the Spring Festival, posting New Year’s reds, keeping the year old, eating group dinners, and paying New Year’s greetings can be found in various places, but due to different customs, the subtleties have their own characteristics. The folk customs of the Spring Festival are diverse in form and rich in content, and they are a concentrated display of the essence of the life and culture of the Chinese nation.

Post time: Jan-18-2023